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Katie Price Isn’t Dressed Like a Tranny Slut of the Day

I guess even the biggest worthless whore has to take a little time for herself and take her sex shop dress to the cleaners, forcing her to wear everyday casual clothes, that despite being ridiculously obnoxious in color, probably in efforts to hide the evidence when she pisses herself because she has no control of her bladder after years of whoring her pussy out to random things she’s inserted in the shit from dick to champagne bottles to many other things that resulted in one too Urinary Tract Infections….not that I care about this trash or seeing her dressed down and not like a worthless transexual prostitute who is down on her luck cuz she has a cold sore or herpes outbreak or botched sex change surgery that’s left her infected and only able to wear sweats like a teenage girl, I just have nothing better to talk about today….

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