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Yvonne Strahovski For GQ of the Day


Yvonne Strahovski is some 32 year old Polish / Australian actress who has been in Chuck and Dexter and I guess that’s about it, but is probably more than you have been in…

I guess she’s one of those Australians with big dreams of coming to LA to make it in the world, because she knows if all else fails she can always be a sugar baby to rich guys thanks to her tits…..

She was also voices videogames, which I guess is something you’ve probably masturbated to, seeing as you have no friends and videogames are all you know..

And now she’s in some obscure market GQ magazine…showing off her tits…because she looks amazing…even though 32 is old as fuck…or at least old enough to fuck too many guys, breaking her vagina all for her dream of stardom…I don’t know what it is, young girls who have fucked 100 dudes gross me out far less than 32 year olds who have fucked 100 dudes…probably the whole not liking to eat food left on the table from the night before….expiration date….

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Yvonne Strahovski for Complex of the Day

Yvonne Strahovski is some 30 year old Polish / Australian actress who has been in Chuck and Dexter and I guess that’s about it…..I mean that was until today…because today…she’s also been featured as the cover girl for our favorite magazine – Complex…and we aren’t just saying that because they are the only magazine who believed in us before we let them down miserably….back in 2007…we are saying that cuz they are up to speed on what’s good…and based on her pics…I see a lovely…bright…semi-erotic…definite nude scene in her future….and that makes me happy…an emotion that is new to me…but surprisingly quite pleasurable….but maybe that’s cuz she’s a babe…or maybe it’s cuz she’s Australian and I love Australians…Doesn’t matter here are the pics…


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