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Zahra Schreiber Topless for Instagram of the Day


This nude pic of Zahra Schreiber, some WWE wrestler, have been doing the rounds the last little while, and I am surprised anyone would fucking care because WWE wrestlers are practically pornstars…and even if they don’t fuck on camera, look like they will give you a lap dance for 10 dollars a song…I mean that’s how they do their low grade casting for low grade women…with fake tits and cheesy everything, because that’s just what wrestling speaks to…

So tits happened, with the one thing that makes wrestling not gay, their dick clit thanks to steroid, trashy women…

I love that this is being pushed as “accidentally posted to instagram”….it is like the upload process just accidentally allows you to put shit up…I mean the reason I don’t bother with instagram is that it takes too long to get a picture up…this is called getting your name on the radar…a little press that should be a sex tape…it worked for Farrah Abraham…it can work for any low level.

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