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Zita Vass Fully Naked on Instagram of the Day

Zita Vass is basically a nobody LA based model who may pretend she’s an actress but you have never heard of…maybe that’s part of her acting…acting so good we don’t even know she acts…

She is Hungarian, but don’t worry, she is not stealing your jobs, because she was born in America….not one of those imported models working off a work visa because she’s got rich dudes sponsoring her. Not to say this one doesn’t have rich dudes sponsoring her, it is LA, where girls suck dick for rent so they can focus on their passions of doing nothing all day…

Her first modeling job was at 10. which is really fucking creepy, but I guess not if you’re from an immigrant family, just doing what you gotta do to get by.

She’s now 30, with is the opposite of 10 in terms of modeling…cuz it’s almost too old.

She’s done Guess campaigns, probably all she’s done really, and by Guess campaigns I mean she’s likely let the Guess owner diddle her…that is kind how he chooses the tits to use in his campaigns…it’s not any judgement of her morals and values…it’s just the cost of doing Guess…just as GIGI hadid…

Well, she released a nude on IG, a full nude, that has since been deleted and wrote this to the new censored version:

Why is everyone so prude? Why do I offend u soo much? Look elsewhere. I love being naked and I don’t see a single fucking thing wrong with my photo. If you do, that’s your own issue – look elsewhere. Also being naked and doing what I WANT with my body is MY RIGHT (insert middle finger emoji)

I guess she doesn’t understand that it isn’t the audience who are offended, it’s zuckerberg trying to run an ad friendly, family friendly, smut site, and you can’t do that with blatant GRAphic nudity. IMplied onl….

If she wants to put up nudes, there’s porno sites for that…right..

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