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Zoe Aggeliki Pretty Hot for Galore of the Day

Zoe Aggeliki is a hybrid model from Greece and Sweden, because sometimes mixed race doesn’t mean black seed in white or asian uterus, but can mean white seen in white uterus. The interesting thing about this mix is that Swedes have huge tits and Greeks love anal, making her a lot of fun at an all night sex party.

She’s been modeling since she was 16. She is 19. Apparently, she’s worked her way in with some producers, probably via her vagina, as that often is the case, and she’s been getting some acting jobs, none of the movies have come out yet, but she was a contender for The Hunger Games, meaning she may be the next big thing in Hollywood in a couple of years. So think of this as a preview, a Glamourous, cleavage filled preview I want to ejaculate all over before it becomes to famous and Hollywood to me, you know never answering my calls, deleting me off facebook, cuz I am a bad look. It’s happened so many times before.

I guess we should all go look for her topless modeling shoots, cuz i am sure they exist somewhere, and I am too lazy to look.

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