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Zuzana Kopuncova in Bathing Suits of the Day

Zuzana Kopuncova has the name of a girl who should be locked in the basement of a stripclub in some Eastern European city. You know, because she was abducted or sold to the MAFIA by her father to pay off some kind of debt, or because the MAFIA was looking for some young, tight pussy, to work their CAM companies for free, or at least to save their parents from being killed off.

But instead, this Zuzana Kopuncova, is just some lovely Slovakian, 5 foot 10, goddess, all long and lean, because she’s a model, modelling bathing suits, all thanks to the fall of communism, because without the fall of communism, she’d be sewing work uniforms in a factory for 1 dollar a day, and that would be a waste of such amazingness…

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