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I am – Lima, Kurkova and Gisele’s Perfume


I think Victoria’s Secret has done an amazing job of hiring some of the hottest women in the world to wear their lingerie for them. I am assuming this Karolina Kurkova slut is some kind of communist, while Lima and Gisele are hot tribal Brazilian bitches. Either way, Lima is the hottest out of the three hands down, and I’d be rockin’ a Lima stalker post if there was enough dirt on her on the net, which there isn’t. I’ve looked.

When I was young I had this crazy thought that I would end up with a Bikini/Lingerie model. This was before there was a Victoria’s Secret catalogue and before I realized that I was destined for failure. These kinds of girls only like fat guys with a lot of money, and in the event you haven’t realized, I am not that guy. I still wear jogging pants I got at the Salvation Army 9 years ago. I am not trying to depress you. I am okay my life. I have accepted that my wife is a fat whore who can’t wear a bikini or lingerie because they don’t make them in her size. It’s criminal (her size, not the fact they don’t make lingerie for REALLY big girls).

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