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I am – Gisele’s Legs of the Day

I know people like to hate on this bitch for having a manly face, but seriously with legs like that, bitch could have a fucking dick and I’d still let her bounce on my face like it was a pogo stick. Gisele having a dick isn’t that unlikely, she is from Brazil and Brazil is the home of 76% of the world’s transexuals. Thailand’s got the other 23% and the last 1% are scattered around your home country. If you are wondering why I know this, it’s not because I have a tranny fetish, it’s because I used to work at a porno company and when talking to one of the sales dudes, who’s life involved going to small town sex shops and video stores pitching the sketchy owners to buy his porn, which in itself is one of the funniest fucking job in the word, but that’s not the point. The point is that I asked him why there was so much tranny porn and he told me that most of the buyers were straight dudes who were just bored of regular porn, so I watched one hoping it would change my fucking life, like I do for you daily. It didn’t. The tranny looked a lot like a girl from the waist up with rockin’ tits and an acceptable face, it was a tranny who I wouldn’t think is a tranny if I walked by her on the street, but when they panned down and I saw that she was getting her dick sucked from some porno slut I realized that Tranny Porn is really not my thing. However, Gisele may change all that when her pantless pics hit the internet and we find out bitch has been packin’ all this time. I guess it would explain a lot of Leonardo Dicaprio questions I have.

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