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I am – Adriana Lima for Pirelli of the Day


These are some pics of Adiana Lima for Pirelli, I don’t know when they are from because I am not good with dates, but this girl is amazing and that whole virgin thing has got to be a lie, no pussy this good goes untouched….unlike your virginity, which is pretty well-founded, meaning that it doesn’t take a science experiment to figure out why you are so depressing.

Since it’s Valentines Day and you are all alone and I’d say that’s ok but it’s pretty fucking sad. You have options. You can either go to a bar a pick up the lonely and depressed sluts who are begging to get fucked cuz Valentine’s Day affects girls more than guys, but they probably wouldn’t go for you. You could always go out to the local flower shop and pick up the girl you work with who you have been jerking off to for the last 6 months some roses and profess your love, but you don’t have a job. You could tell your neighbor that you want her to be your Valentine, but she’s 12 years old and will tell your dad….you could hire a hooker but your mom will ask questions why some slut in thigh high vinyl is knocking at the door at 1 am, or you could just tell yourself that Valentine’s Day is for losers and that it is a Hallmark holiday that you want nothing to do with, because pretending you don’t care sometimes allows you to forget that you really do care. That’s just my advice, but what do I know.

Here is a Bonus Video of Anouk Lepere’s Sexy Photoshoot Video because she’s fucking hot. I assume is from France with a name like Anouk Lepere. I have no idea why it’s on my computer, when it was shot or any of the details but since it’s Valentine’s Day, I decided to post it to remind you that your fantasy girlfriend, the one you lie to your mom about having so she doesn’t think you’re a loser, doesn’t look this good.

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