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I am – Ashley Olsen Eating of the Day


Here are some pictures of Ashley Olsen eating because I guess we all have to do it sometimes, even when you are rich and have an eating disorder.

I am not entirely happy with my posts today because they are fucking weak, but I think I am doing okay considering I am wasted and typing with one eye open. I am actually more disappointed with the way everyday people are. I saw some drunken fat guy get in some homeless lookin’ dudes face. The homeless lookin’ dude was in 4 pairs of sweat pants and had 2 big pit bull lookin’ dogs. When the fat drunk dude started getting gangster on him, the dog snapped and bit the motherfucker. All the chaos made the other dog turn on the dog that bit the fat drunk cunt. Anyway, I saw the homeless lookin’ dude freaking out, both his dogs were fucked up and he needed money to pay to get them stitched up. Dude could have been full of shit and on a crack run, but I dug into my pockets and gave him 10 dollars in change that I had set aside to get drunk with. Some corporate young executive piece of shit who probably had a nice job and a nice car and a girlfriend he takes skiing decided to lecture the homeless lookin’ dude for being a bum and shit like he’s a fucking evangelist or some shit and he’s a better fucking citizen….

I guess where I am going with this is that I am a fucking hero and I am poor, and dudes with money are cocksuckers and if that theory holds true, then Ashley Olsen is a cocksucker too, and I fucking love girls who suck dick, cuz it makes them look like little porno sluts and that’s kinda what I look for in the company I keep….

I went through a phase a long time ago where I would jerk off to girls doing everyday things. One of those things was eating – so if you’re as craft as I used to be in my jerking off, these pics are for you.

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