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I am – Katherine Heigl’s Dumpy Ass of the Day


Here are some pictures that I think I have seen of Katherine Heigl, the bitch from Grey’s Anatomy with big fuckin’ tits. I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy, but it is on the one channel than I get, I just can’t bring myself to do it because it takes my attention away from trying to get girls to send me nude pics, a skill I can’t seem to master no matter how many hours I spend on it.

There’s usually something funny about girls with big tits and that is that they usually have big dumpy asses, finding a big breasted skinny chick is almost a myth, at least where I hang out and I guess there’s nothing wrong with a little cellulite ridden ass to get nice dirty in when they come with a rockin’ set of tits. I guess the real issue is when girls have the big asses and no tits, like my wife used to be a few hundred boxes of donuts ago, she had flabs of fat I could hide my smokes in but still was rockin an A cup. I felt like I was fucking Dan from Roseanne.

Anyway, my wife ate her way to a D-Cup, but some of these bigger chicks, with big asses and small tits that I’ve known in the past just invest in the D-Cup they always wanted. There’s always something amazing about a 30 year old with new tits who parades around showing the world her new tits, mainly because I like girls who show off their tits. It’s like new tits are like a new car that you want everyone to sit in a smell the new car scent, only this new car scent is about feeling how soft they are, how good they look in newly purchased low cut shirts and a whole lot of “look how hidden the scar is” and where the nipple is located now kind of thing…

I don’t know where I am going with this, but I have been in a creative pit the last 2 weeks. Thanks for putting up with me and by thanks I mean go fuck yourself, your opinion really means nothing to me.

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