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I am – Britney Spears Ass Crack or Something of the Day


Britney is pushing this comeback harder than she pushed her kids out of her womb, which isn’t saying much because she got 2 C-Sections, but you know what I mean. She’s calling the media and letting them know where she’ll be, she’s going to some dance studio trying to be all like Stella and trying to get her grove back and she’s doing in in fishnets, booty shorts, and a bra. I am not really complaining because she looks like most strippers I watch strip and I have a thing for watching strippers strip, even though the whole strip club scene is pretty dull to me. I am not saying that I don’t like watching girls get naked, but when I start talking to them and have to hear stories of how some of their clients take them out on dates and buy them expensive thing, or how they spent the last 4 nights high on E in some lavish hotel room with those clients, I am reminded that they are all a bunch of whores. I like going into the shit thinking they are just teenage mother’s who have deadbeat baby daddies, or that they are exhibitionists who get turned on by dancing for a room full of men, or that they are in med school trying to pay their way, when the reality of it is that they are just whores who like Gucci.

The only real reason that pisses me off is because the strippers I see in action aren’t even that hot. They have tits that anyone with a credit card could have, but walk around like they are fucking Britney Spears and are doing me some kind of favor by offering to let me touch their tits for 10 fucking dollars. Don’t think I am going soft on you here, I am just encouraging you to no fall for their game and when you have enough money in your bank, ask them how much for a blowjob, because when you take stripping to prostitution, you’re pretty much a success in my mind, and I am really the only person you should want to impress. Send pics, asshole. Cuddles.

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