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I am – Kate Bowsworth Bikini Pictures of the Day


I am feeling pretty uninspired. I know that I went out this weekend and got drunk and had random shit happen to me, but the beauty of being drunk all the time is that my memory is fucking shit. I remember specifically being laughed at by two haggard chicks who were rollin’ with some old men who I automatically assumed were escorts, but think they were probably just barely 30 ugly chicks who were looking for husbands because they knew that they had limited time and their past experience proved getting cock to be hard. I am talking about the kind of girl who you bring home for a one night stand but bitch either tries to cut off the tip of the condom or takes the used condom out of the trash to try to shove back in them because of dreams of pregnancy make them do crazy things. I am not really sure if they were actually laughing at me, but it still made me mad enough to throw my piece of pizza that some weird Asian man gave me at them. In retrospect I would have rather eaten that fucker instead of wasting it on those cunts, but I guess my regrets aren’t as painful as the old married guys who they were with who probably stupidly decided to fuck them without a condom and cum inside them because they were drunk and it’s not every day that a girl you don’t know asks you to bust inside them.

Either way, here are pictures of Kate Bowsworth and her friend on the beach in bikinis being overly friendly, because bikinis are a lot more interesting than anything I have to say for myself. Cuddles.

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