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I am – Victoria Beckham has Nipples of the Day


You know a girl has pretty powerful nipples when the fuckers poke through some kind of undershirt bra and the beater. It’s some double layer nipple penetration shit that I’ve never really seen before, but I haven’t seen that much, I generally don’t leave my house and when I did used to get out, I never really focused much on their tits, I’d be too busy trying to sober up enough to get hard because I knew the pussy wouldn’t be patient enough to wait around too long since I only had an hour. When you’ve got time constraints you gotta go right down to business. I guess since I am married, I should have seen my wife in all kinds of compromising positions, including wet t-shirt and erect nipples, but her tits are so fucking floppy that her nipples kinda just blended into the background and looking for the nub would take me all night and is a task I am not really willing to attempt because I’d probably start dreaming of nights in prison when the dudes in the next cell used to fuck, only because that gay prison shit is hotter than sucking on a fat chick’s tit…..

Either way, Victoria Beckham saves the day with some hard nipples to remind me of what I could have had if I played my cards right, I am not talking about getting with her, but I am pretty sure there are plenty of needy girls with big nipples that I will never meet out there for me….

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