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I am – Alyson Hannigan in a Bikini Again of the Day


Alyson Hannigan really likes to rub in the fact that ugly bitches can make it in life. She’s all like look at me, I am on the beach somewhere because I made so much money being a useless celebrity no one jerked off to because they cast me as the ugly chick no one wanted to fuck. She’s all like even though people didn’t want to fuck me, I still got cock and convinced some asshole to think he loves me because I distracted him with luxury living and nice trips to the beach as long as he pretends to love me.

I know that girls are generally the ones who go for the ugly guys who have shit going for them, whether it’s the nice house, nice car or expensive shopping days, but Alyson Hannigan is breaking down gender stereotypes by flipping shit around on us.

I remember when I used to try to have sex with chicks, showing them a 100 dollar bill was pretty much enough to get them home with me for an hour, but those girls were also working the streets like whores, because they were whores, but I still think I had my taste of what fame and fortune brings you and I fucking loved it.

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  • Gail

    Lol..I have a hundred dollar bill that says you never had anyone nearly as pretty as Alyson. That is why you have the time to let your mind wander and fantasize. HAHAHA. Nah, keep the hundred, you’ll need it. By the way, the girls who came home for the money were in fact HOOKERS! I hope you were successful, they are a sure thing generally.