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Britney Spears Has a See Through Shirt On With a Bra of the Day

I was convinced that something was in the air on Saturday night that made everyone fucking crazy. I am not sure what it was, but maybe I was wasted and having some kind of psychological / paranoid episode where I just thought everyone around me was acting weird, like the time I did mushrooms and ended up trying to take a nap in the middle of a highway before my friend with me saved my life about 30 seconds before I would have got run the fuck over, or the time I did bad E and it put kicked me in the ass and made me sit in the corner of the all nice dance party I was at, scared of everyone who came by because they had skeleton faces and I thought they were trying to rape my soul. I figured it was a full moon or something, but turned out that it wasn’t and when I was out, I saw a bouncer get smashed in the head with a beer bottle by a kid who weighed about 140 pounds and who was quickly taken outside and beaten the fuck up, I saw kids on the street kicking the fuck out of BMW X5 and trying to throw punches at the driver before the driver threw his drink all over them, pulled a U-turn and ran over their feet, I saw the dude I invited home with me in his underwear because he had lost his pants before realizing that I didn’t want a dude in his underwear to be the only motherfucker at my hot tub party and a dude I know had a gun pulled on him because he went home with some guy’s girlfriend and the guy found out, but by far the strangest event that went down on Saturday was that Britney Spears put on a bra under her see through shirt so that no one could see her dumpy, aimin’ to the ground, mom nipples….

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