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Britney Spears for Rolling Stone of the Day

Everyone’s talking about how amazing Britney looks in these pictures for Rolling Stone. They’re all saying that she’s back, like she ever left and that she looks fit because her dumpy southern gut isn’t hanging over her pants and because she’s taken the time to shower, get made up and photoshopped in post production and all I see is some pretty fucking boring pictures of someone I wanted to fuck when she was 16, only 12 years older, 2 kids, a couple breakdowns and addictions, some saggy tit slips, a vagina slip or two, a shaved head episode and a marriage to some loser, divorce and custody battle with the same loser, and a whole lot more crazy shit than the bitch who once danced around in a school girl outfit asking to be hit, has polluted my life with her drama that I would have preferred she kept to her fucking self.

I am only posting them as proof that the media is lying to you, she’s not back, she never went anywhere and we can’t bring back the Britney we all wanted to fuck, because it defies science, but you can youtube search some of her old videos to remember, because anything is better than this boring shit.

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