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Elle Macpherson’s Bikini Pics of the Day

Elle Macpherson may be one of the first bikini models I remember jerking off to in an old VHS tape back in ’89….before her was national geographics and my foster mother’s dirty underwear….

So I feel like I’ve got some history with her…23 years later she’s still got a rockin’ body at 50, proving she may be a superhuman and not just an aged and weatherede supermodel…..but shes wearing fucking board shorts like she’s some kind of teenaged dude who sells pot to people on the fucking beach….and that fucking annoys me….because she is one of the few bitches I can look at all these years later and still want to cum inside and all over….menopause doesn’t change love motherfucker…

But luckily, I can always go back to youtube to reflect on Elle Macpherson that was….all new, insecure in her modeling and hot…even if Elle Macpherson that is just as spectacular…only now with more experience that compensates for the looser vagina…

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