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Phoebe Price Flashing Nipple in a Bikini of the Day

The highlight of my life in both real life….and internet life….is not HAVING PHOEBE PRICE AS A FRIEND ON FACEBOOK ….

If anything, I ignore her….It doesn’t make me feel like I am brushing internet shoulders with a famous person….It just depresses me that I know she exists….

This past weekend, she posted these pictures without her nipples, but with a link of the paprazzi agency who she paid to take them, I asked her how much she paid them to follow her, you know to help make her on her quest to get noticed even though she’s a nobody who does nothing…..and she didn’t answer…if anything, I think she might have blocked me for calling her hustle out for what it is….something I think her flashing her nipple does a good enough outlining, packaging, and explaining that to the public who bother paying attention….attention seeking in the most low level way….

It just irritates me that these idiots waste their time on shit that doesn’t matter, she should be spending less time promoting herself for doing nothing and more doing something that helps the world….but she is showing nipple and since that’s how I help the world….I guess I need her kind to give me something to give you that doesn’t belong to me…and I know that doesn’t make your life a better one….but I never said I was a hero or that I wasn’t a bottom feeder…I’m not an aspiring fake celebrity….but I do love nipples, even 40 plus and invisible thanks to being a light skinned redhead…who like all red heads probably has an offensively pink twat. Who cares.

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  • Damn it, she’s not even that hot.  I was content with this, but now I want to see her snatch to see if you are right.

  • Smart arrrs

    Who the fuck is she anyway?