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Selena Gomez One Last Bikini Pic for Springbreakers of the Day

I don’t know where this picture is from…I just know it is Selena Gomez in her bikini…they ended shooting springbreakers….so it will be the last bikini related to that….but probably not the last Selena Gomez bikini pics….

I like Selena Gomez in a bikini…because it makes me feel like a sex offender even though she’s over 18…and is in fact the sex offender between us…because she was banging Justin Bieber for publicity when he was 16 and she was 18….in what has got a lot of dudes arrested in the past…but that she got away with…cuz Bieber was more into doing her hair and talking about boys….and the sex thing was just a marketing hook…at least that’s what I assume….not that teenagers fucking is all that crazy a concept….Who cares.

Here she is in a funny or die video – even though funny or die hate me – and I don’t find funny or die funny – but I do like seeing Selena Gomez in video in boots and leggings cuz she looks 12 trying to be funny….and I am a pervert like that….even though it is not perverted cuz she’s 20…you know and I’m 40….and keeping up on 20 year olds and their activities is just being a good example….right?….it’s not creepy….right?….who cares…I make my own fucking rules. Asshole.

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