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Sarah Silverman and Other Ugly Chicks Full Frontal Nudity in Take This Waltz of the Day

Seeing Sarah Silverman naked is one of the most unfortunate things that has happend to this site…possibly the most unfortunate things to have happened to the internet…

You see one thing I hate is when ugly chicks are celebrated as hot, Sarah Silverman, being ugly, yet she was always on hot lists….at firt I wondered if I was the only one who saw a fat, shitty tit, ugly horse face cunt who isn’t even funny, but who is obvious….past her prime….and even her prime wasn’t prime in the grand scheme of things…just better than now…..even though now is the time she decided to get naked….what a mess…a mess her fans are hard about….horrible….

Michelle Williams and Jennifer Podemski are also naked in this movie….What kind of man hating lesbian who appreciates girls for their personalities cast this shit….

Here are the unfortunate clip:

This just doesn’t make sense….and I can’t un-see it….but the good news is I like seeing all girls naked….even ones I fear…

Here are the other 2 clips I’ve got….

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  • roscoe

    Silverman’s tits look great. And you must be drunk on sterno if you think Michelle Williams is ugly in any sort of way.

  • Silverman_Fan

    Always wanted to see Silverman naked, but her ass is turned away from the camera. (Jewish girl’s don’t really have great asses unfortunately, I’d be surprised if it was spectacular.) 

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see some bush for a change!

  • LolleyGagger

    I also have always wanted 2 c Sarah naked at least she did it except for the ass. Now I’m left wondering why, she really should’ve as with most of the young celebs do it when they’re young. I was going to say at least Sarah had the smarts to be naked with uglier women to make herself look better but it didn’t really work. Michelle Williams is just too good.

  • Latin

    Americans haven’t heard about waxing yet?

  • A Male Feminist

    If Sarah Silverman really wanted to be rebellious tell MEN to FUCK OFF!!! She’d do a hardcore anal porn film with big black guys. Then I’d truly respect her cause she’d have taught us men a very important lesson! (Six big black guys, Sarah, SIX to earn true respect!) 

  • Ibyte69

    Thats fucking horrible! No figures what’s so ever and nasty ass 70’s bush. That’s not cool or retro its lazy and nasty

  • Marcs

     Sarah Silverman ugly? you must be gay … go see brad´s dick losers!!!!

  • expletiveBMP

    vids saved hayzeus, and yeah, silverman has an interesting bodyl; sorta squarish but none the less appealing, then again, i am having some tea and vodka, cheers you awesome canadian you for offering such a lovely spread; and yes, i’d eat em all.   but only after marrying them, one can’t have sex with silverman unless they marry her first. 

  • Jodgoo

    Sarah Silverman is beautiful from the hair on her head down to her toes! Nice bush too! 🙂 Well, It looks like she did overgroom her bush though. 🙁   I was hoping for a more NATURAL, FULLER and WIDER patch BUSH of her PUBIC  HAIR and not a not soo over-groomed one. 🙁  Will she do another movie involving a full frontal nude again but with a better bush. If ya know what I mean? lol. hehe.  Hopefully and perhaps someone can approach and convince her. But seriously though, this is still a nice scene and she’s naked and at least she’s not completely shaven down there! I take my hat off to Sarah Silverman for her reasons for this scene and more power to her. She’s absolutely  amazing and cool because of this. Forget the critics. I’m glad to have seen some bush for a change! Real women have hair down there especially if it’s a bush;). Sarah you go girl!

  • expletiveBMP

    and jodgoo must be a chick; or an unusual man, maybe a gay one, eww.  just the same jodgoo, i agree strongly, silverman el natural looks stunning.  truthfully she doesn’t look stunning, i’m all out of vodka so no, she’s not stunning, but her bush sure as heck is, and, if given the opportunity, i’d eat her like so many beef curtan sandwiches bathed in onions, cheddar cheese, sourcream and anheuser-busch, lathered liberally with feminine sweat, and inner thigh stunk sauce. 

  • Mike Jones

    Dude, I’m all for bush and “natural” girl next door types, but this is horrible (even though I KNEW Silverman has a serious bush)

  • Infidel

    She looks terrific, beautiful & very sexy. She has great tits, trim belly, lovely bush, and gorgeous shapely legs. Amazing, thank you Sarah, more please!

  • Those of you who think that Sarah Silverman is ‘ugly’ are completely in the global minority. Personally, I have always been attracted to her – from her SNL days to now. Her personality (or comedic public persona at least) is also adorable.
    And those of you who think that Michelle Williams – who just won accolades for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe – is ugly…well, y’all aren’t just wrong, you’re insane.
    Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but you’re also entitled to know when it’s WAY OFF from reality.

  • Virgin

    Silverman’s always been nicely put together.

    Lovely perky tits with a nice amount of flesh on them.

    Michelle Williams (lollypop head) is average in comparison.

    Would still chuck one up it though.

  • No Thanks

    Bwahahaha! The person who wrote this (whom I’m assuming is the owner of this pathetic site) has the shittiest, most foul mindset I’ve seen this month, and possibly the entire year. To even consider Sarah Silverman as being unattractive would make you a faggot. You hear me faggot? Go kill yourself. PLEASE kill yourself. I would love to watch Sarah Silverman and the other two women near her push you into a wood chipper. That would be her magnum opus!

    Better yet, I think you just need to be fucked in the ass by Caitlyn with a strap-on and then have her(it) shit in your mouth. Lick your lips big boy!

    And here I was just looking for some nude hotness of Sarah Silverman.

  • No Thanks

    Just a reminder: Kill yourself

    Make sure to put that on your fridge.