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Bar Refaeli Recycled Naked Pics in Elle France of the Day

So the fashion industry has decided to recycle another photoshoot 3 month later….

This time it is Bar Refaeli for Elle France July, that was published in Elle Spain in April

I guess the logic is that France and Spain are small markets and their ads don’t justify spening 100s of thousands of dollars a month on photoshoots, and that it’s no big deal to recycle shit 3 months later, but I find it offensive….only because they have massive budgets, they have massive advertisers, and they should be doing shoots every fucking month, that’s their fucking job….

But then again, I just steal their pics to post here for you, like some kind of Robin Hood, so I guess I’m the real asshole in the equation, taking their pics then calling them out on their shortcomings….

Oh well….any excuse to post some Bar Refaeli ass, even if I find her thick and uninteresting, a supermodel who never was much more than a star fucker….

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