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Rita Ora Modeling Bathing Suits of the Day

I am not a fan of Rita Ora at all. I find she looks like a tranny doing a Rhianna Impression, which makes sense, because she is signed to some major Jay-Z label deal, and they have been promoting her hard, in efforts to make her the next Rihanna.

I think she’s fat….they they make her Yugoslavian ass look black and even when they do low level publicity stunts WHERE SHE FLASHES NIPPLE …I am unimpressed….

Here she is looking a little sloppy, even when photoshopped, modeling some ugly bathing suits, but like the fat bitch by the pool, I got no problem checking her out cuz it is better than nothing…especially when I know she’s gonna be the next big thing….

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  • shitdick

    as long as ass hats like you keep buying her pics and saying yes to paid for posts like this one, yes she will be famous.

  • Duke Steele