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Madonna is a Horrible Evil Robot of the Day

Madonna Is  The Devil or a Robot

Madonna travels everywhere with an anit-aging machine because she fears getting old…even though she is old. Makes sense.

This picture is beyond fucking crazy…but expected because Madonna is fucking crazy…something went wrong when she sold her soul to the devil via her vagina in the 80s and became a big fucking deal that she just can’t let go of well into her 50s….pushing 60….still performing….instead of being a normal washed up popstar who dies of a drug overdose or marries a billionaire and talks abotu he good days…and when she’s not recognized in malls, she can scream “Do you know who I am or who I was”….in efforts to get some kind of discount….cuz you can’t take the star away from her…even though it should be mandatory….to avoid all he awkwardness….

Well….it turns out she travels with something they call and ANTI AGING MACHINE…because she’s old and needs to stay fit to humiliate herself on stage…it may be Michael Jackson rich person weirdness, or it may be medical necessity…or a glimpse into the cloning process or transition of her becoming a robot she needs to be….I don’t have the answers…but I blame ancient aliens and I know this represents serious evil.

Modern Science has wronged us – this is the proof.


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  • PeterM

    That is an oxygen concentrator. An oxygen concentrator is a device providing oxygen therapy to a patient at minimally to substantially higher concentrations than available in ambient air.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Thats called an oxygen concentrator. She may have or is developing COPD or Emphysema.