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Brooklyn Decker in Women’s Health South Africa of the Day

You’d think the only article in Women’s Health South Africa would be “How to Avoid Aids”…or “How to live with Aids”…cuz stats on South Africa tell me that 80 percent of their population is dealing with AIDS….

But apparently they are also into bigger, not very deserving, married to pro athlete models who are hardly models but pretend to be cuz it sounds better than groupie….

So I can assume these magazines are designed for people who are probably not dying of AIDS in tribal villages…you know since a copy of it probably costs more than they make in a year…

Here are the pics….and they are probably recycled from another shoot for another mag cuz Africa does not have the budget to shoot this…I am sure these pics are on the site in the archives from when they first dropped but who cares….I am posting them anyway…we are in too deep…

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