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Brooklyn Decker’s Period Diaper of the Day

New Fetish Alert…

I didn’t care for Brooklyn Decker when she was the original Kate Upton. The big titty, sloppy titty model who ended up in an Adam Sandler movie, thanks to those big tits, but more importantly ended up with a pro athlete as they travel in the same circles and Sports Illustrated is clearly a fucking brothel for the athletes, they do the interviews and feed the exclusives in exchange for pussy…obviously….

Well, the Kate Upton before Kate Upton, sack of shit turned mom with Pete Sampress or Andre Agassi or John McEnroe or some other tennis player….decided to really kill her sex appeal…unless you’re into this fetish…by posting herself in a fucking DEPENDS…

The caption:

If you don’t want to talk about periods keep scrolling. I don’t know why I’m putting this out there publicly but wtf happens post-children that makes… well… let’s just say I am now in the depends-wearing stage of my period.

I guess settling down and breeding means trading bikinis for adult diapers…fucking SEXY…get the fuck out of here.

This is her face….to remind you what you already know…Brooklyn Decker is over..because bitches age like bread or yogurt or whatever the fucking expression is…they rot motherfuckers…and expire.

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Brooklyn Decker’s Neck Mole of the Day

Brooklyn Decker was at one point the Kate Upton of her generation…

Fat, sloppy tits, overrated, with sloppy tits…and like Kate Upton she leveraged her boyfriend, situation, and all that to get into Sports illustrated, to book campaigns and to even land some movie roles, and a rich Husband who is is rich enough to cover the costs of a good life thanks to being a pro tennis player…

But I guess it was good for his ego, that his girl’s tits were celebrated because they were big…good job bro…and what no lone noticed while she distracted you in a bikini, but that is hard to ignore now that she’s in a dress, is this fucking mole on her neck…it’s some distracting shit you’d think she’d get removed while at her BOTOX appointment…but that I think she thinks makes her look natural…and it’s bad.

To see the rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Brooklyn Decker’s Stupid Dance of the Day

Brooklyn Decker was always a model I considered the Kate Upton of her generation. You know all american, retarded looking with a awkward body and big tits that the average man just loved because she didn’t like like his toothless 400 pound wife who worked at walmart…

She was the Vagina that Sports Illustrated built and gave to Andy Roddick…

And now she dances…as retarded looking as her face suggest and I have a feeling you like seeing her being silly…for attention..hoping to secure her place for a few more years before baby making…

I guess what it comes down to is at least she’s not fat…and at least she’s having fun…living the rich girl life..while we all suck at life…right.

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Brooklyn Decker’s Nipple Slip on Photoshoot of the Day

Andy Roddick’s wife who I like to think, at least based on her average at best body, and handicapped looking water head, is only a bikini model because of serious scamming…that comes with having pro athlete boyfriends…

There are a lot of hot girls in the world, a lot of tall hot bitches in the world, a lot of tall hot bitches with rocking’ fit bikini bodies and nice round tits in the world…the fact that a handful are singled out has got to be some Illuminati shit…or maybe just old school, era before instagram, when everyday babes were never seen, and the handpicked girls who fucked the right people were the ones published and once published…they became the ones that mattered to the world…

Either way, we can all agree Brooklyn Decker doesn’t matter…but her nipple slip on set of a bikini shoot, I doubt she’s even getting paid for, matters enough for me….not because nipples are a big deal, but because I like looking at them.


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Brooklyn Decker in Women’s Health South Africa of the Day

You’d think the only article in Women’s Health South Africa would be “How to Avoid Aids”…or “How to live with Aids”…cuz stats on South Africa tell me that 80 percent of their population is dealing with AIDS….

But apparently they are also into bigger, not very deserving, married to pro athlete models who are hardly models but pretend to be cuz it sounds better than groupie….

So I can assume these magazines are designed for people who are probably not dying of AIDS in tribal villages…you know since a copy of it probably costs more than they make in a year…

Here are the pics….and they are probably recycled from another shoot for another mag cuz Africa does not have the budget to shoot this…I am sure these pics are on the site in the archives from when they first dropped but who cares….I am posting them anyway…we are in too deep…

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Brooklyn Decker GQ May 2012 Photoshoot Video of the Day

I posted the BROOKLYN DECKER IN GQ PHOTOSHOOT PICTURES the other day…..and now there is a video that will tap into your LIFE GOES ON….Corky with Downs Syndrom if Corky had a tight body and great tits fetish…and in reality she doesn’t look as Downs Syndrom as she has int he past….maybe she’s been cured of it….if anything her body is tight, greased up and amazing…..making my Downs Syndrome joke totally irrelevant and making me look like an idiot…something I am good at….real good at…

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Brooklyn Decker in GQ Magazine US May 2012

The other day I posted some pics of BROOKLYN DECKER IN GQ TURKEY ….well apparently…..she also snuck her way into the American GQ…..like a crafty little retard with Downs Syndrome who doesn’t actually have Downs Syndrome, her face just kinda looks like she does, and I like to point it out, since I am overly analytical of pictures I see of bitches being marketed to us as being hot, giving other bitches insecurities about not looking like they have Downs Syndrome, only to spend their nights building contraptions at home to make their head look more like a water head…..and I am all for giving girls a complex about being fat or having shitty tits….but to look more retarded is just weird….

That said, as a wife to an Athlete, she does a good job staying fit…and when she’s half naked and photoshopped, she hardly looks like the institutionalized chronic masturbating people left there by their parents who didn’t want them fucking up their lives at the home I used to change diapers at…..

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Brooklyn Decker Big Titties in GQ TUrkey of the Day

I like to make fun of Brooklyn Decker’s semi-retard looking face, not because I wouldn’t fuck her big titties with my mouth, hands, dick, ass, anything she allowed me to fuck her big titties with…..but because I know she got the cover of SI cuz of her husband being a pro athlete with pro athlete money and pro athlete endorsements that have the ability and power to tell those companies not to work with SI….so to keep everyone happy….give his spoiled cunt wife what she fucking wants…..

But the truth is, retardation, or semi-retardation, or retard physical attributes have never stopped me from sticking my dick in a bitch….if anything…sometimes it is easier to get away with…

So all you Decker Defenders can fuck yourself….she has big tits, she’s fit cuz she has nothing else to do with her days but keep Roddick happy to be married to her, or the free ride fucking ends and we’d all fuck her….but anyone can see she’s a lilttle Corky…..

The turks don’t care, they are used to seeing their women in bed sheets and ninja costumes.

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Brooklyn Decker Big Tits in her Bikini of the Day

I have said many times before that Brooklyn Decker looks like she has Downs Syndome in her face…..and that she’s only in Magazines like SI cuz her husband is a millionaire pro-athlete with the right agents who have enough muscle to ruin a magazine if they don’t do a favor to give the bitch confidence that will in turn get him better sex, blowjobs and even anal or thresssomes…

But like all people with Downs Syndrome….if they got tits and a body like this…who the fuck cares about retardation…if anything use that retard brain capacity for evil….let getting yourself off without worrying about them telling on you cuz retards are horny as fuck but more importantly cuz no one believes a retard….

Not that she’s an actual retard…she just looks like her face could be…but with tits like this…who really needs to even notice that she has an actual face.

True story.

To See the Rest of the Pics

I approve of this message:


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Brooklyn Decker Half Naked in DT Magazine of the Day

I always laugh about Brooklyn Decker because she looks retarded, like a real waterhead you see in the institution, and I know she only got the SI cover cuz she’s married to a pro athlete who has the same agents and managers, sponsors who feed SI their ads, stories, an give them access….making them pretty much obliged to deliver…..and at least she had the titties to justify that hand out…..

Unfortunately, she’s not as good at being a retard as her face is, cuz all the retards I know are jerking off all the fucking time, making their retard growns, in all the inappropriate places, and not getting arrested for it cuz they’re retards….but she is in lingerie…and sure that’s not a few fingers deep between pussy lips but it is something.

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