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Katy Perry Possible Nipple of the Day

Katy Perry and her overly colorful, annoying, pile of pop stare glittery pile of fucking rainbow and unicorn shit, was on stage possibly showing off some nipple discoloration that I can only hope is not actually her nipple but advanced skin cancer that puts an end to her annoying music career…sure wishing cancer on a bitch may seem evil, but it is just self defense cuz she pollutes my life over the radio that fills all public places, on tv and internet…shoving her down my fucking throat when I don’t want it down my throat…..making her the villain, invading in my life…cuz bitch doesn’t know who I am…but I know I can’t stand who she is….and that is the issue….

But on the positive side of things she does have some pretty rockin’ tits even if the rest of her is cankles and fucking evil….

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