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Amber Heard Hot Photoshoot of the Day

Amber Heard is the hooker who seduced Johnny Depp with her fake lesbian for attention like all the college girls do, vagina….leading to him leaving his wife of many years and to her becoming a little more of a household name, as that is kinda what she’s in this celebrity game for….and that drive, work ethic and ability to prostitute herself like some kind of tranny in a gay bar seeking a new strain of AIDS to help end his broken fucking life….has lead to these romantic and lovely unknown fetish pics that I can only assume are part of her lesbian mission to lure Ellen or some other granola eating organic farm vegan in construction boots and rippled flannel….cuz photoshoots like this is totally what legit dykes jerk off to….clearly all the lesbian out there realize I am joking cuz they know they only like watching girls build like trucks inserting dolphin shaped dildos in their asses…none of this lipstick shit….not that Amber Heard is a lesbian…that was just for business…but she is smoking in these pics…literally.

I get this Hollywood Glam angle…but I prefer the coked Hollywood hookers from the early 80s look…just cuz they are more representative of this girl who should be in porn….here are the pics.

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