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Plastic Wives…Keeps Her Labia in a Jar of the Day

There was once a time when TLC was called The Learning Channel….when sensationalized garbage like staged reality shows about the plastic surgery obsessed wives of plastic surgeons who think they are god…living in vapid hollywood…creating scary fucking creatures…..who look like fucking science experiments….and one of them….keeps her labia in a jar….kinda like some of you creeps….but a little weirder….since she doesn’t use it for sex…or a memory of the one time you saw a vagina….she keeps it as a reminder of a meaty pussy that was…

What the fuck TLC….what are you trying to learn us here….that you like making money and catering to retard America like shit like Honey Boo Boo and trash like this….our world is fucking doomed…seriously…

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  • emmachuur

    That is just nasty. Stupid and nasty. With the exception of the blonde chick, they look horrible. Do they not see themselves in the mirror?

  • disgusted

    somebody needs to nuke that area ASAP

  • They’re all too stupid to know how stupid they are. And that includes you, TLC.