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Demi Moore’s Old Lady Bikini Retreat of the Day

Demi Moore has lost her fucking mind…these things happen when you turn 60 …it is called Dementia….that was brought on when she lost her 35 year old husband to younger girls…who she was cradle robbing…and whoshe probably shouldn’t have ever married because it was unnatural and weird…you know with her menopause and him with his ability to fuck any girl around….instead of one in diapers….

It was all because you couldn’t accept being old as fuck…throwing money at it like it would make her Peter Pan….and now she’s in a bikini at some thing I can only assume is a ritual where she is trying to get her head together….you know to move onto other young guys to fill her void that is a battered, saggy, vagina…and she’s doing it in a bikini…and it is weird…..

The good news is there are 1000s of 20 year olds willing to get with her just to never have to work again..she should try to poor down on his luck twink like she was Shauna Sand…instead of going for the famous ones who don’t really need anything she has to offer except maybe her baked goods…cuz old ladies are good at baked goods..


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  • marcos

    Yes she’s old, but there are some girls in their 20’s who don’t look as good as this in a bikini. You always hate on women for letting themselves get fat, why can’t you give her props for staying fit.

  • Rosarch

    I agree, for her age and having produced multiple, albeit ugly, kids, she looks damn good and deserves props for that.

  • Marie-Eve

    She has no ass

  • cowbulls

    Demi is a basket case. At one time she had one of the best bodies out there but time waits for no one. Demi has had way too much traffic thru her tunnels for them to be anything but loose and sloppy. She needs to accept that she can’t compete with women half her age in the body department and play to her strength which is she is rich and has access to the rich and famous. There are a million young studs that would walk over hot coals to experience that lifestyle.

  • talis

    I think Demi looks awesome and not Old at all! Betty Whites Old fuckheads!