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Sofia Vergara’s Applying Make-Up of the Day

This must be a fetish somewhere…

Sofia Vergara has two people working her face to make her look like she’s not a 50 year old single mom of a 25 year old….you know when you’re not looking at her breasts…..and take the time to see what her face actually looks like…which I assume only happens sometimes….like right now when she’s not showing off her tits…even though showing off her tits is the whole reason she exists….making the whole thing so backwards…

Most girls hide their smoke and mirror secrets, their SPANX, their EXLAX and whatever else they use to make themselves look hot….but this girl’s putting this out there….making me think is just a front for the other 3 dozen other people she has airbrushing her into looking like a babe….but we don’t care about that…we just care that she’s making everyday 50 year olds feel inadequate….cuz an inadequate feeling woman is one who gives good head….

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