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Selena Gomez Does Upskirts on Instagram of the Day

Selena Gomez has come to that point in her career and life….where the party, the drugs, the fame is ready to start…she’s broken free from her poptart bullshit Disney Image with her underage boyfriend you know she was doing dirty things with even though he’s a queer,…and now she’s ready to throw out the bullshit public act and reinvent herself as someone who gets down and doesn’t give a fuck…in a “THIS IS ME” kind of insanity that happens to all the poptarts who traded in their childhood for fame…as they try to discover themselves and that’s what I’m in this for…it’s my favorite rite of passage…from tween to dirt bag slut….especially when it comes with self shot upskirt pics she posts to social media cuz she jsut doesn’t give a fuck….

The whole thing…is refreshing….nothing tall glass of young vag….that wants to be drank…

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  • dan

    selena always wears panties, unlike most chicks in hollywood

  • Rosarch

    Certified Super Banger.

  • cowbulls

    Selna is quenn of the BJ.