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Jennfier Love Hewitt Sexes Things Up in her Music Video of the Day

I guess Jennifer Love Hewitt proves that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself….all it takes is ridicule of your fat ass and inability to land a man by the everyone in the fucking world…to get you off your ass, in the gym, cast on a show where you play a hooker and where you showcase your huge tits that got you famous in the first place…and now that you’re running shit they let you show off your singing ability you haven’t really put out there too much…as viral promo video…all panty clad lookin hot…because girl, just when you thought it was over…as the rest of us did….you’ve come out on top…today, let Jennifer Love be your motivation to not kill yourself today….cuz when you’re at your worst, at rock bottom there’s always an opportunity to make millions half naked around the corner for your busty ass…..

Maybe she’s the next Beyonce…cuz Beyonce never let being thick stop her from getting half naked on stage….

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  • Marie-eve Martinez

    This isn’t the worst song I have heard in my life, but it’s close

  • beavis

    That is the GIF that launched a thousand drag queens.

  • cowbulls

    I want to play with her tits until she squeals worse than that song.