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Miley Cyrus New Video of the Day

Hands in the air like we don’t care…Riveting lyrics…

I guess that’s what you should expect from a high school drop out who sings generic crap to rape the minds of the youth, you know dumb them the fuck down and prevent them from having any original thought as the government reads all their emails and texts…cuz the government likes sexting as much as I do..

All this to say, hot video, sure being a hipster with taped up nipples, doing crackhead shit, with stuffed animals and dolls has officially died…along with my penis as Miley Twerks…it’s that good.

But the fact is that nothing is underground anymore, thanks to Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Springbreakers and the internet raping the drugged out rich kid who doesn’t give a fuck but gives a fuck culture…

I mean she’s pulling at her panties, grabbing ass, wearing hipster clothes, it’s like a bad ad for hipster brands, it’s like spring breakers…but hotter..because I have a boner for MILEY and her new hustle…even if it is fabricated and nonsense…that stems from some creative directors trying to be cool and speak tot he new generation…and not some rich puppet in her mansion…

For nostalgia – Here she is old Miley singing wholesome and inspiring garbage that has brought her to where she is today…

But I’m more into the new Miley, the one that makes me want to fuck…

Here’s to bringing back music videos we can jerk off to like it was an era pre-internet…YAY.

Here’s a pic of her cuz I love her..

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  • Cannon Show

    This song is fucking garbage!

  • Rosarch

    The song and the video are utter garbage.