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Barbara Palvin for Glamour Italy of the Day

19 year old model Barbara Palvin …who you may remember as some girl who Victoria’s Secret decided to pretend Bieber cheated on Selena Gomez on with, because it got her in the media and made her count…without realizing Bieber fans hate girls who sleep with Bieber…

Her story confuses me, I mean she’s from Hungary…she was discovered at 13…and is now a top model..working for big brands and magazines…

All while most girls from ex-communist countries who are found at 13 end up doing cam shows in dungeons..when not being human trafficked, but I guess there’s more money in it when you use the tall ones for mainstream work…

All while there are equally hot girls in New York city alone who haven’t hit this level of fame…I mean who don’t even have an agency..

Seems pretty suspicious to me, and while I don’t bother researching or investigating this cuz I got better shit to do, you can stare at her in a bikini….

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  • MadamMeow

    I would like to be recruited to research the amazing and delicate aromas that abound from her anus.