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Barbara Palvin’s Victoria’s Secret 2013 Work of the Day

Barbara Palvin isn’t all that hot, I mean she’s 19 and half naked, what 19 an half naked chick do you know wouldn’t be worthy of jerking off to, especially if you’ve committed your life to one woman who is pushing 50 and all you’ve seen is the neglect that she’s had for herself all these years…cellulite ridden and loose stomached…blaming you for it and guilting you for it…cuz she had your kids for you and now you owe her….even though you know if it wasn’t you, it’d be some other asshole, and you wish it was, so you could be free to spend your 60,000 dollars a year seducing 19 year olds who are happy getting a free Subway sandwich on a date, rather than the 21 year olds who know how to take a dude for a ride….

The only moment of peace you have is when you get to stare at your daughter’s friends in their bikinis…

Now I may be confused how this Palvin went from Hungarian to top model, when normally there are a few human trafficking stops in between, but I’ll post her Victoria’s Secret 2013 work anyway, cuz she’s half naked and 19 and that’s good enough for me.

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