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Taylor Swift’s 4th of July Bikini Pics of the Day

I heard the Taylor Swift Trouble song on the radio the other day for the first time and it won me over….now I hate pop music, but anyone who tries to argue that that isn’t one of the best composed pop songs in the last few years is just hating on her for the sake of hating on her…when really we should be supporting her for being a tall, skinny thing who may even have some implants now, who despite wearing her high waisted bikini because she thinks she’s fat, or has some scars from all the abortions she’s had to have done surgically cuz her vagina was ridden with herpes so bad it swelled shut and they couldn’t get the vacuum in…turns me the fuck on…I guess like a 14 year old girl, I’m easily brain washed…or maybe I just like sluts…even when they aren’t marketed as sluts…especially when they are worth 100 million dollars…

I am ready to K-Fed her.

Here are her 4th of July pics…

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  1. MadamMeow says:

    I hope you do land her. I would love to hear what type of song she shits out from it.

    It would have to be the best ever.

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