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Tulisa Contostavlos in a Bikini of the Day

I have seen this chick give a sloppy blow job to a black guy on the internet…I probably have it on one of my old computers…but her legal team made everyone take it down…and I can’t find it with a google search…but the memory of liking it is probably better than watching it again…imagination and broken memory is always better… I THINK THIS MAY BE IT …disappointing that as a Greek Girl…especially a fat greek girl, she’s not taking it Greek…

She was fatter, she was using it to get gigs from Simon Cowell on TV, and it worked…and as a firm believer of a whore exploiting her whore face…but having dick cum all over it…she’s a fucking winner to me…especially now that she’s richer, equally trashy, and most importantly less fat. Alwaus a whore…but this time drinking Champagne not black dick, at least not in video for everyone to see, we can assume her mouth is up to the same antics behind closed doors…getting ahead giving head…

To see the rest of the pics FOLLOW THIS LINK

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  • marc

    too bad the tattoos ruin it

  • Joe

    What a waste of a good body and face–It looks like a sewing machine randomly stitched all over her body.
    “Ink art” my ass, she likley has some fresh Hep C cooking up !!

  • cowbulls

    What a whore looking bitch.

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