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Lady Gaga Walking Around in Her Bra for Attention of the Day

Here is Lady Gaga teaching us that when people start to forget who you are, and no one is talking about you or your new album that is about to drop, you have to do something the paparazzi will appreciate, you know like walk around in your bra, because you’re not fully in your ridiculous Gaga clown costume and persona yet, you’ve been on vacation, and you need to work your way into wearing feces, and other random things to make people think you’re a visionary or an artist, and a bra in public is the perfect gateway to that…

All I know, is I’m really not ready for another round of Gaga and her silly antics…I hope this is her last go at this popstar shit, and that she sits back and retires. Seriously…She’s the fucking worst…and she’s ugly too.


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  • And the funny thing is, besides the pap that caught this, no one gave a fuck or paid attention.

    No one even offered her $5 for head.

    They knew it would be a rip off.

  • o0

    After all the gay rights hoopla dies off, her career is finished anyway. When supporting gay rights isn’t the hip thing do anymore. This bitch is so phony.

  • A

    what’s funny is that while the two of y’all seem to await the day she isn’t famous, you’re the ones still talking about her….. You get what I’m saying, yes? Also, supporting equal rights of any kind will always be the hip (tho hopefully one day unneeded) “thing to do”. Idiots.