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Kate Upton in a Bikini of the Day

Yesterday, I met a man who told me how beautiful he found Kate Upton.

I was reminded that not everyone is a hater of fat chicks like me, and that they can take in a huge set of fat chick titties with open arms, because sometimes titties are so great, that you don’t need to to acknowledge the dumpy ass, the gunt, the weird wide hips, or the retard glaze in her eye….

But for some reason, a reason I call, this bitch is not in front of me offering to feed me with her sloppy tits, allowing me to take a step back and judge her on every inch of her body, when I look at her, all I see is a pile of fucking overrated shit, and even her massive tits, that would be fun to play with, don’t have the power to support themselves in a way that makes them look good…but I guess her bikini does…and that’s kinda her move…and that’s what she’s doing in these pics and ultimately, I’m still a dude, and totally down to stare at it..

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  • Arthur Thoughts

    your an absolute idiot, who has no idea about anything. Fat? really? Not a fitness model, but by no means big. Sounds like youre just a jackass who wants attention because he can’t get it any way else.

  • Jody

    Wow. You are an ass. I wish there was a photo to accompany that weak rant of yours… I’m sure you’re quite the looker…

  • Joe

    Kate is hot as hell, thats what normal women look like in general (minus the bust size) IMO.
    Fitness chicks are the friggan worst !!
    Those “racecars” may be able to help carry you home when your drunk only to wake you up 6AM to go running then They also start growing dick’s and feed you raw wheat grass for lunch. F_ that !!

  • Rosarch

    Mmmm, Kate Upton. If you talk shit about her you may as well come out the fucking closet and admit you are a gay fucker.

  • Jay

    Ultra-douche. Everyone notice that this dick doesn’t post his name. I’m sure he’s never seen tits in real life. Lame-ass fuck.

  • beavis

    I gotta say Jesus, I was very skeptical at first, but this Kate Upton bit of yours really ropes in the bros.

  • Trollington

    Troll post is troll post.

  • Haha, you fools

    Hook, line, and sinker, eh guys? You guys wouldn’t recognize a troll if one walked out from under a bridge and said, “Hey, what’s up? I’m a goddamn troll.”

  • cowbulls

    Kate has a fantastic body and has some of the best tits in the world. I’m not sure if I would rather motor boot Kate or Love Hewitt but those are the top two.

  • juanhunglow

    I gotta say it looks like she trimmed down a bit. very fuckable now,buy those pics a few weeks ago of her fat ass on a horse almost rendered me impotent. even those bare tits could not save the pic.

  • Explanation Of All This;
    1.He/she posts the picture that EVERYONE wants to see.
    2. He says something that EVERYONE will disagree with.
    3. The site gets hits from people who want to see the picture, and more hits from people who want to call him/her stupid/fat/gay.
    4. He/she sells ads based on all the hits.
    5. God Bless America and Kate Upton.

  • bob

    Who the fuck writes these things? You are the stupidest mother fucker on planet earth.