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Really Weird Kate Upton Photshoot Pics of the Day

I have no idea what’s going on here…I don’t know when it is from…or what it is of…all I see is farm animals and a lot of skin…it’s confusing me and reminds me of every drunken slut I’ve ever brought home…no, my drunken sluts aren’t models…but they are pigs..some would ever call them cows…if they saw their udders…

BOOM. This should punish you – but unfortunately, not for her, or for SI, you like it..you fertile, well fed bitch, loving piece of shit.

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  1. Phillip McCracken says:

    shes so fat.

  2. juanhunglow says:

    did you see the fat folds in her stomach? that horse is now in retirement like the one in the little rascals with the sagging back.

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