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Alyssa Miller for Free People of the Day

So it’s safe to say this low level model…Alyssa Miller…has a dick.

Don’t let the underwear she’s wearing fool you. Don’t let the fact that she was shot by the main SI Photographer and his son for their Swimsuit issue fool you. Always remember, SI Created FAT PIG UPTON who shoulda been taken out to pasture not put into a bikini…

Now, you may be asking yourself why I think she’s got a dick, and the answer is simple, she left her exboyfriend for Jake Gyllenhaal…and Jake Gyllenaal only fucks with girls who have dicks…it’s all part of being the biggest homo ever and I know this because he assaulted a girl I was with by pushing her against the wall…and only girls beat up on girls…

Either way, not all that impressive, but it’s a slow day and I’m always down to laugh at the fame whores who associate with Jake Gyllenhaal…

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