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Candice Swanepoel’s Nude Pic to Instagram of the Day

I saw that Candice Swanepoel posted this nude pic to her instagram for 5 minutes and pulled it because I guess Instagram doesn’t like nudity, but more importantly the people handling her instagram, probably interns at Victoria’s Secret, didn’t want to lose their jobs for putting up the wrong pic…even though it got her more attention than Candice Swanepoel has had in a long time…and more importantly it gets people talking about Victoria’s Secret during the rush shopping time..

I forgot to post it, because even though I think she’s got a hot model body, I don’t really care when I see her naked…

She’s been naked before and the only way this old timer, desensitized asshole is getting excited by any of this shit is if my dick’s in her ass cumming to her anal eyes…

However, you’ll like it, because it turns out there are bigger perverts than me out there…and they will all be watching the VS Fashion show tonight with their wives, even though all the pics are available online…cuz it happened in november…and this is all a ploy to generate attention to it.

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  • Travis

    At least they didn’t photoshop it too bad.
    Oh wait…