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Kate Mara VS Cameron Diaz in Glamour UK of the Day

Here are pics of Kate Mara and Cameron Diaz from the same magazine, in a feature I like to call model wars, it’s like “Bitch get your own magazine”…or like “Bitch, you can’t hang”…or like “bitch, keep on trying I do it better, cuz I got the cover”…or “Bitch, this magazine is only big enough for one of us”…or “get out of here yungin, I’m Cameron Diaz”…

I don’t know if these bitches are really that catty, but it’d be nice if there were more death matches to really show us how committed they are to their fame, success, and being the top of their game…

It would make all the money they make justified.

TO see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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  • Travis

    Kate Mara wins in a landslide.
    Cameron Diaz is ugly as fuck…