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Kate Mara Fucks Ellen Page Topless of the Day

Kate Mara Fucks Ellen Page Topless

Kate Mara and Ellen Page are doing some dyke shit in some movie or TV show they are obviously dykes in. Some coming of age dyke story so that the movie companies feel inclusive to all people so they can’t be criticized when dykes start to protest not having proper representation in the media…despite dykes being fucking everywhere and that whining is just typical dyke behavior…because ever dyke I’ve met has been angry…maybe cuz I have a penis, or maybe cuz they don’t get penis…but instead use penis shaped things…totally logical and further proving the series my homeless friend at the park had that dykes are just perverts, a myth, not real…but a fantasy and the women who pretend to be dykes, may really believe they are dykes, but are only there by choice…either cuz of bad relationships with men for whatever reason…or because it’s cool…or because they got ate out by a girl once and they came from it, while dudes don’t grasp how cunt work, which again just furthers the point that they are perverts…

Ellen Page an outspoken dyke, recruiting Kate Mara into experiment with being a dyke, like a high school gym teacher on her star Volleyball player….all while everyone involved in this tit on tit shit they probably inflate and think is important…when it’s just sensationalized shit for marketing…exploiting lesbians…good thing they don’t actually exist…they just think they do.

Kate Mara Fucks Ellen Page ToplessKate Mara Fucks Ellen Page Topless


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Kate Mara for Esquire of the Day


Kate Mara was raped in some movie…and people loved it…not because people like rape…or maybe they do…I know a lot of girls I talk to have Rape fetishes…along with Gangbang fetishes…I also know I am asked by girls to choke, fuck, and pretty much beat them when we fuck…you know getting spit in their face and spanked, even punched…I’m not into that shit…but they are….

I mean, the other day a girl, a normal fucking girl, was asking me how she could get raped…my answer “Go to South Africa”…not a message sponsored by the oursim board…just based on 2010 national AIDS rate stats…

Oh wait….that was her sister…ROONEY MARA….oops

Well, this one’s been in movies and clearly in a new movie, showing what could be nipple on Esquire…because showing nipple is key…to being relevant in this nipple obsessed world…


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Kate Mara Throwback Adam Fedderly Shoot of the Day

Kate Mara is Rooney Mara’s sister…

I think she’s more successful than her sister…but I haven’t heard from either of them…

Here she is in some throwback pics from ADAM FEDDERLY a photographer I’ve never heard of…and shit is up on some hipster erotica kick that I am all about…because hipster porn is the future of my masturbation…

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Kate Mara VS Cameron Diaz in Glamour UK of the Day

Here are pics of Kate Mara and Cameron Diaz from the same magazine, in a feature I like to call model wars, it’s like “Bitch get your own magazine”…or like “Bitch, you can’t hang”…or like “bitch, keep on trying I do it better, cuz I got the cover”…or “Bitch, this magazine is only big enough for one of us”…or “get out of here yungin, I’m Cameron Diaz”…

I don’t know if these bitches are really that catty, but it’d be nice if there were more death matches to really show us how committed they are to their fame, success, and being the top of their game…

It would make all the money they make justified.

TO see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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Kate Mara Looks good Half Naked in GQ of the Day

Kate Mara is 30 and amazing…is it possible that I have been wrong about 30 year olds all this time…and that 30 is the new 20…that the pheromones of a uterus losing its fertility…coupled with aging skin…and a dumpy ass…is erotic to me…is it possible that calling these over 30s old as fuck has been misguided and I’ve just been brainwashed by the media…does a stable, career driven girl still hustling at 30 appeal to me, when up until now I’ve been into 20 year olds who don’t have it all figured out and that are easy to take advantage of…or maybe Kate Mara is just an exception to the rule…because she’s looking’ good up in GQ…when she should be taking the kids to daycare…like a normal 30 year old…I’m confused…I blame the drinking…

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