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Kate Mara Fucks Ellen Page Topless of the Day

Kate Mara Fucks Ellen Page Topless

Kate Mara and Ellen Page are doing some dyke shit in some movie or TV show they are obviously dykes in. Some coming of age dyke story so that the movie companies feel inclusive to all people so they can’t be criticized when dykes start to protest not having proper representation in the media…despite dykes being fucking everywhere and that whining is just typical dyke behavior…because ever dyke I’ve met has been angry…maybe cuz I have a penis, or maybe cuz they don’t get penis…but instead use penis shaped things…totally logical and further proving the series my homeless friend at the park had that dykes are just perverts, a myth, not real…but a fantasy and the women who pretend to be dykes, may really believe they are dykes, but are only there by choice…either cuz of bad relationships with men for whatever reason…or because it’s cool…or because they got ate out by a girl once and they came from it, while dudes don’t grasp how cunt work, which again just furthers the point that they are perverts…

Ellen Page an outspoken dyke, recruiting Kate Mara into experiment with being a dyke, like a high school gym teacher on her star Volleyball player….all while everyone involved in this tit on tit shit they probably inflate and think is important…when it’s just sensationalized shit for marketing…exploiting lesbians…good thing they don’t actually exist…they just think they do.

Kate Mara Fucks Ellen Page ToplessKate Mara Fucks Ellen Page Topless


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Ellen Page and Emma Portner Topless Lesbians of the Day

Ellen Page and Emma Portner Topless Lesbians 2

Ellen Page is on some comeback tour since JUNO….where she’s on a Netflix show…

These pictures are of her fully exploiting her decision or choice to lesbian..TIT ON TIT…because it is a choice…it is not scientifically possible that a woman doesn’t want to breed…their bodies tell them every month that they want to breed…it is society or other choices that make them not want to breed…The same thing applies to lesbian….cuz Lesbians often times make babies with random craigslist sperm donors and still theoretically crave the cum in them…they just prefer syringes or turrkey basters to fleshy dick…cuz maybe they experrienced trauma with an actual dick…..I don’t know, I’m not a psychiatrist..I just know that everrything in life is a choice not a genetic decision and if you were to decide today that you want to suck a dick for the kick of it…you would….homo…

ANYWAY…she’s decided that women are hotter than men, fact, and that eating pussy or having your pussy eaten by a woman is more delicate until the fists come out…and this is her making some sort of statement I don’t really understand or care to look into.

She’s a Canadian, so anytime she does any of her political bullshit…from protesting gas lines or whatever it is her entitled celebrity is inot at the moment….it bores me…I don’t need some annoying actor preaching their agenda or their politics…like stick to the fucking script….keep your down time to your damn self…

Tit on tit though, there may be an Emma Page pervert out there into this….if it’s you…you’re weird…but this is for you.


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Ellen Page Lesbian Tits in a Movie of the Day


This is an Ellen Page titty screengrab from a movie she’s in called Into The Forest…

Ellen Page is the canadian girl who played JUNO the pregnant teen and for a period of time was in the news, was a lot of hype but at 29, the only interesting thing she’s done is lesbianism.

I like calling lesbians lesbians because they get so mad about it, because all lesbians are intense and angry, uptight and passionate about being the worst…and they say shit like “don’t define me by who I love”….even thought I don’t judge or care who they love…they just like to be dramatic about shit…and when it comes to them talking about themselves, they never shut up about being a lesbian….”as a lesbian woman”…”from my lesbian perspective”…because like VEGANS lesbians love you knowing they are lesbians, but they hate when you call them lesbians…they demand a safe space….

I don’t get along with lesbians..but I love what they do with pussies…

I could have lived a pretty inadequate life never seeing Ellen Page tits..and now that I’ve seen her tits…I can go back to living a pretty inadequate life..having seen her tits…but confident I already forgot them…because they’re just tits….



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Ellen Page VS Ted Cruz on Gay of the Day

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

Ellen Page would be far more interesting if she had big silly tits and instead of being some over paid, hipster who isn’t even interesting, but was the star of Juno…..She has done very little in her career besides being an angry lesbian vigilante, because that way she feels like she has purpose in her quest for equality, when really I just want to see her getting her face ridden by a bull dyke…

If she was a big titty instagram model, trying to express her stance to politicians, for whatever reason, it would be seen as cute so that we could say, oh she’s just a big titty instagram model, pretending to have a stance, because it’s better than admitting she’s just an instagram model…

I guess what I am saying is everything is better if it is an instagram model…

That said, she’s a fucking freedom fighter, I don’t really know anything about her or what her cause for LGBT rights is, she’s a lesbian so I guess that’s her plight, she knows better than me, so she’s an expert…

For some reason Ted Cruz, dominates her in this conversation,….maybe because he’s a politician and has an answer for everything, especially gay rights….because republicans hate gay people….

Maybe because she’s and actor and things went off script, or maybe she’s an actor and an ego and thinks she deserves to do more with her voice than just eat babes out….or maybe she’s just not as prepared as she should be….either way, whatever your stance is, love or hate lesbians, while lesbians all hate me… and before today had no idea who Ted Cruz was, I just assumed he was Penelope Cruz’s husband, or Tom Cruise’s gay porn parody, I am not siding with him or anyone…

I think it’s funny when actors, who aren’t even that famous, try to champion issues, because theoretically, they are capable of it, but instead, end up looking like idiots, because they are actors and that’s what actors are…idiots…

I never found her that hot…and I don’t know why I am posting this…

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Ellen Page Erotica of the Day

Ellen Page is a lesbian…

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Ellen Page’s Lesbian Stomach of the Day

Remember when Ellen Page had some big theatrical coming out event at some Ted Talks looking bullshit…yeah that was pretty fucking dramatic and ridiculous but lesbians everywhere embraced it because lesbians like having a leader, at least one in the media, even though every girl I’ve ever met is a fucking lesbian, but maybe that attitude is why Lesbians generally hate me, you know the one where I am convinced I can have sex with them, because I believe that they are just being pussies and are genetically programmed to want cum in them, proven by the whole uterus thing, where as gay dudes are just down with no headaches and anal sex…you know “we don’t need a pussy, that shit bleeds and is scary and smells like fucking sushi platter when it’s not making babies that bite into our vacation funds”….

Either way, she wore a bikini top, flexed her lesbian abs, looks a little lipstick, before they put her in a tie, all for Flare Magazine, a Canadian Magazine, celebrating her big fucking move, when really people don’t realize drawing attention to their sexuality is like pointing at a black person and saying “LOOK A BLACK PERSON LET’S BE NICE TO HIM SO HE DOESN’T THINK WE ARE RACIST”…you know anti-racism, and politically correctness that labels shit harder than a back woods redneck…it’s all so counter productive…

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Ellen Page Alleged Video Game Nudity Stunt of the Day

So Ellen Page was cast as a character in a video game put out by Sony called Beyond Two Souls, I guess she’s not getting much other work….

Here’s the scene these alleged nude pics are from that you’ll like since you prefer cartoon women better than real women, they cost less and don’t talk back unless you program them to….weirdo…

Apparently, she was never naked on set, that Sony is saying the body is someone else’s body and that Ellen Page was in a spandex suit when they were doing her body imaging….and that these leaked pics aren’t of her…but Ellen Page is still suing them…

I don’t follow Ellen Page or video games, I just post the pics…and here they are…and they sound like a huge publicity stunt to me…because nerdy video game programmers can make even the most clothed girl naked…that’s kinda what their sex life is based on….

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Ellen Page Shitty Lesbian Kiss of the Day

Someone sent me this picture that is supposed to be of Ellen Page kissing one of her friends…and I have no idea how dude could decipher than this was the lesbian who played Juno or why he really cared, because when I watched the movie, I knew she wasn’t actually knocked up by Michael Cera, that’s dudes a fucking virgin, and even as a celebrity with all his fame for being the awkward dude, is still a virgin, I’m convinced….you know making me think she went to the sperm donor clinic, or bought some bootleg sperm off the internet to syringe her fucking self….like lesbians do…so seeing her kissing a friend in what could be a cry for attention, hasn’t got shit on the lesbian asshole licking and strap on sex she has with other bitches she meets at her knitting /organic garden club….which reminds me….that all lesbians hate me.

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Ellen Page’s Lesbian Groceries of the Day

So if you’re wondering what young lesbians buy when they grocery shopping in their lesbian jeans and lesbian converse shoes with their ratty lesbian hair, you’re prayers have just been answered and you’ll be shocked to find that it is all organic vegetables since lebsians like Ellen Page aren’t known for being environmentalist, tree hugging hippies that take themselves too seriously and listens to music with a meaning bullshits. The good news is that they also buy cucumber, oversized carrots and bananas to use in the bedroom when the mouth to pussy action just doesn’t bring the satisfaction you’d want it to.

The truth is I am all for first time lesbian fantasies where 2 young girls explore each other’s bodies during some kind of high school sleep over that leads to them going at it in the shower but it pretty much ends there. When I watch lesbian porn, there’s just no closure and I am always waiting for the stepfather to walk in on the little sluts to break it up by having them both suck him off at the same time. Either way, that kind of lesbianism is a lot better than Ellen Page kind of lesbianism, because she’s all high maintenance and has a bush.

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Ellen Page is a Lesbian on Saturday Night Live of the Day

I don’t watch Saturday Night Live because I don’t find it funny and because I don’t have a TV. Comedy sketches remind me of the weird Drama club in high school and the only thing those girls were good at was giving had jobs after convincing them that it will help them with their role in Romeo and Juliette. Knowing what a dick feels like makes the intensity of their performance more believable or some shit.

Either way, here’s lesbian Ellen Page doing a lesbian coming out of the closet skit on Saturday Night Live that didn’t make me laugh because there’s nothing funny about gay jokes, except when a group of homophobe frat boys get drunk and bust out the closet case jokes and make each other suck each other’s dicks or cum on crackers collectively while 5 of their buddies gangbang a cheerleader, because to a closet case, it’s not homo if there’s at least one vagina in the room.

I guess the lesson in this video is that if you don’t want a lesbian daughter, don’t name her Ellen.

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