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Shauna Sand Grocery Shops in Her Strippers Shoes With Her Kids of the Day

Here are some pictures of Shauna Sand grocery shopping in her stripper on her way to work or just got off work outfit. I know this first hand because I have spent many nights at 3 am drunk waiting by the back door of strip clubs trying to convince the girls to do a little overtime work on my dick, sometimes succeeding in my request, but most of the time just getting kicked by these plastic heeled weapons on their feet, or knocked down by their trashy fake designer purses or fake designer duffle bags that house their luxurious costumes they got at the sex shop and wore that night.

I guess this kind of outfit is expected from Shauna Sand, if anything she’s toned it down a lot as she slowly turns into some dried up living corpse and the only real surprise in all this is that she actually buys groceries, I just thought her diet consisted of chocolate flavored laxatives and cum.

Pics via INFphoto

Shauna Sand Sex Tape Clips Exclusive

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Ellen Page’s Lesbian Groceries of the Day

So if you’re wondering what young lesbians buy when they grocery shopping in their lesbian jeans and lesbian converse shoes with their ratty lesbian hair, you’re prayers have just been answered and you’ll be shocked to find that it is all organic vegetables since lebsians like Ellen Page aren’t known for being environmentalist, tree hugging hippies that take themselves too seriously and listens to music with a meaning bullshits. The good news is that they also buy cucumber, oversized carrots and bananas to use in the bedroom when the mouth to pussy action just doesn’t bring the satisfaction you’d want it to.

The truth is I am all for first time lesbian fantasies where 2 young girls explore each other’s bodies during some kind of high school sleep over that leads to them going at it in the shower but it pretty much ends there. When I watch lesbian porn, there’s just no closure and I am always waiting for the stepfather to walk in on the little sluts to break it up by having them both suck him off at the same time. Either way, that kind of lesbianism is a lot better than Ellen Page kind of lesbianism, because she’s all high maintenance and has a bush.

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