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Samamtha Hoopes for Galore of the Day

Our friends over at GALORE MAG just don’t fucking stop, but I will, I mean the last 4-5 posts have been from their magazine and I figure you should just visit their site GALOREMAG.COM to see all the other shit they’ve been up to….because whatever it is, it’s better than what you’re up to, in fact it is borderline genius…

This shoot stars Samantha Hoopes, who is an SI Rookie of the year, even though I think she looks like she’s pushing 40, wearing a white t-shirt, showing off tits, which in case you didn’t know is all the styling any fucking photoshoot needs…seriously…

If this wasn’t a GALORE shoot, and I didn’t dig what they were up to, I’m sure I would have mean things to say, but I actually like how this issue came together, and I don’t like anything…so either I’m going soft, like my impotent dick in my old age, or maybe when the proper collab comes together – I support…

Now if only TV and movies and music managed to do what Galore is doing for fashion magazines…then I wouldn’t hate as much as I do..

Here’s Samantha Hoopes


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