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Rihanna in a Bikini in Rio of the Day

Rihanna is in Rio for the World Cup, and along with posting anti Israel statements, because Rihanna is well versed and educated on political situations that she keeps on top of while on the road smoking tons of weed and partying. You know taking a stance on something people on both sides of the fence are overly sensitive about….

She’s taken some time out of her political life to show her ass in a bikini…because that’s what you do when you’re fighting war using your celebrity on twitter…you strip down and get wet in some dirty sewer water…

You know to really put yourself out there….which I think is far better look for her that trying to pretend to be intelligent. She dropped out school at 14 to be a vapid pop star puppet…maybe she should stick to that life choice…not because what she said was right or wrong..but because people should focus on what they are good at…or what they get paid for. There’s nothing worse that an entitled bitch being entitled because she is confusing people like her songs and dance with liking her or anything she’s about…

I guess, Rihanna is the shit stain on the music industry…a shit stain I’d like to lick off….


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    MonekyGirl hates the jooooows.