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Kate Upton Sloppy in a Bikini of the Day

Kate Upton’s tits are ridiculous and not necessarily in a good way, even it is a mesmerizing way…

My friends over at FAMOUSMISFORTUNE posted this pretty funny TOP 10 on Kate Upton in a bikini , reminding me that I am not alone in thinking that this fatty is too sloppy and fat for bikini model fame.

She is a big girl, a very very big girl, and I don’t know what kind of message she’s sending to the kids when she is celebrated by dudes everywhere, but I am thinking DIABETES.

I am all for girls to get half naked, and I am all for big fat tits, I just don’t like seeing the rest of her sloppy body in action. I am not the kind of guy who can ignore it and just fixate on the tits. I wish I was, because then I’d be able to understand why she is considered one of the hottest girls out there, or an “It” girl, when anyone with eyes can tell, that she’s more the kind of girl who doesn’t like fitness, but does like eating a lot…and weighs more than two average it girls.

I can make fun of her, point and laugh, stare at her tits, and ultimately, not care…I mean I’ve been calling her overrated and fat since day one. It doesn’t change how much money she makes or who works with her. It just confuses me.

You blue collar pervert dudess love this shit, she’s skinny compare to the pigs you fuck, I get it…but I don’t get why the fashion industry, or any industry is catering to your broke ass…



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  • Cheds

    She’s for chubby chasers. Being glorified for being an out of shape, fridge shaped pig that happens to photoshop well with her mid section conveniently hidden. 22 and she looks like this?

  • tromba

    And she makes more money in a year than you will in a lifetime. If that is “chubby”, what sick idea do you have of not chubby/pig? You are all full of shit.

  • Rosarch

    Funny that you say fridge since that is where her family fortune comes from. Regardless I would do her in a minute. Beautiful with super killer tits, if that can’t make you happy I don’t know what will?

  • You

    You’re a fucktard.

  • Humanity

    Total. Fucktard.

  • Lara

    Hahaha and she’s probably still better looking than the “pigs” you fuck.

  • Straybullet

    Whatever. You guys would be lucky to hook up with a hotty like this.
    Personally, I think she looks fantastic.

  • Deb

    Chubby chasers? Diabetes? Fat? You must be kidding?
    Just because she doesn’t look like a stick insect? You’re part of the problem -of girls going to all lengths to be super skinny- if you label a girl with a figure like this ‘fat’.
    I absolutely don’t agree with the people who say ‘curves’ when actually talking about obesity – but this girl looks fine.

  • Cyan

    Sounds like somebody likes those no body bitches with noassatall

  • Michael D.

    She’s immaculately beautiful, and absolutely gorgeous. So, yeah, you are the king of fucktards. No, that’s not right. You sir are the grand emperor pharaoh king of fucktards. I would kill to date Kate Upton. That would a ducking dream come true.

  • fartmint

    How can you call her fat when her gut is not flopping out along with her tits? You’re a fuckwit.

  • Do you really believe what you write? If so, your brain is the same size as that of a very small rodent.

  • Natalie

    No man, who isn’t a homosexual, would ever tear apart a hot chick with huge tits and minimal body fat like you just did. Are you sure you are not gay? There’s nothing wrong with it, the first step is admitting it to yourself. You’ll be a lot happier in life, maybe less of a douche bag.

  • HaveSome

    This article pretty much confirms that you are a moron. Kate Upton is absolutely gorgeous. I can speak for millions of other guys who like the fact that she is a real woman with curves. Women are not supposed to be stick skinny and sickly looking. Women are supposed to be healthy and voluptuous. Kate Upton is a real, beautiful woman. And obviously the author of this article is shallow and immature.

  • jimreaper

    What?? Are you one of those sissy boys that likes the emaciated, heroin and meth addict look. Or do you just like it in the ass?

  • zach

    you are crazy! kate upton is gorgeous and definitely not fat.

  • Frans

    You should just change the title of your post to “How you will know for sure that I am gay”

    We get it, you like skinny pretty boys. Give it a rest.

  • Hey jerk,
    Kate is natural and beautiful, and at a healthy weight. “Diabetes”!?! Are you serious. You like skinny girls with fake breasts. Fine. Why put down a different, yet lovely aesthetic, and insult a socioeconomic group while you are at it- hateful. Not clever or witty. What do you look like naked. Something tells me, Kate looks better. Piss off, pig!

  • I don’t know if you’re trolling or just nuts. She is far from fat. No cellulite, no stretch marks, and no rolls on any part of her. I for one am glad that women are looking beautiful and full figuered again and not heroine sheik.

  • dozent

    You are to moronic to even be labeled a half-wit; “no wit” seems more appropriate and actually has two meanings; did you see that, I made a joke using words, try it. With respect to KU, she is ridiculously hot and better yet, she has made more money in last two years than your family (yes, the entire line) since it crawled out of a swamp a millennia ago. But you do have this website, so there is that, and now you and “cheds” have a connection. Go for it, will probably have better luck with him than say, any girl, anywhere.

  • Mr.Upton

    One day she will be mine!

  • NoName

    Kate Upton is a misshapen turd who looks like she swallowed a beer keg. She has a Hank Hill ass, skinny chicken legs, gimpy gummy grin and skanky yellow teeth. And don’t get me started on her mustache.

  • Travis

    It girl? More like It Cow.


  • Boris

    Mama June is fucking fat. Melissa McCarthy is fucking fat. Anna Nicole became fucking fat. Kate U is a big girl, but not ‘fat’. I get not being in to her… There’s plenty of women I think are grossly overrated, like Kardashian or Camern Diaz and Kate Moss… But I would never outright assert some asinine opinion and insult people who think they are hot. To each their own.

    Based on your rant, you should try sucking a dick, I think you might like it.

  • ugh


  • Fatty

    Bitch is fat.

    What these fatass chicks with three kids who comment on here (and their fat, out of shape husbands who have to defend fat girls because they fuck one) don’t realize is, you don’t have to have stretch marks, cellulite, or roles to be a fucking fatty. Kate Upton is naturally predisposed to being a giant fat girl. You can just see it. Bitch probably doesn’t work out a day in her life because she’s shaped like a giant white laundry bag–big, blobby, with no shape at all except for her fat and sloppy tits that always seem to spill out of the size Small bikini tops she buys. Not to mention (as someone else said) her Hank Hill flat ass, her legs that look like two white match sticks, and her Larry Bird mustache.

    Curves? Yeah, no. No hips, no ass, but big fat lazy tits–if your wife is forcing you to believe that this is “curves” because she has some deflated mom tits, you need to get out more. Twenty two shouldn’t look like it had three kids.